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Sprawozdanie studentek AIESEC z pobytu w Sobieskim

The aim of this project is getting to know other cultures throughout presentations and communications. Since presenters have different origin and come from different countries, class is held in English language. This is a great opportunity for Polish high school students to hear about other cultures from people who actually live outside Poland. Some countries consist of more than 50 ethnic group and government policies are also completely different than in Poland.

High school is a part of young peoples lives when they have a lot of free time but usually it is lost along the way to do nothing. So AIESEC also suggested two presentations on time management and motivation. Time management teaches students how to make timetables and plan their time in a better way. When it comes to motivation, we are trying to convince students not to give up easily on their hobbies or talents. They are ssupposed to use all the talents they've got, because life is full of surprises and you might need many of those skills that today you find unnecessary.

Polish high school students, especially students in this school have been a great surprise to us ( presenters). Level of their English knowledge varies individually of course, but they are happy to cooperate and most of the time interested in the topic. They respect us and listen to what we have to say. If there were some more questions, we would be even happier because studying is supposed to be an interactive process.

Anyway we consider this project to be successful and hope that children and the teacher feel the same way too.

Franka (from Croatia)
Huyen (from Vietnam)