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Raport 2010
Friday 12th, 2010

REPORT of AIESEC workshops

We had a week of workshops  in Lubelskie Społeczne Liceum Og. im. Jana III Sobieskiego since 08.03.2010 to 12.03.2010.

The name of the AIESEC project has been „EXPRESS YOUR KNOWLEDGE”.

The agenda of the workshops  was:
- Introduction. Welcome part
- Presentation of our countries (Italy, Kazakhstan)
- What is AIESEC
- Introduction to Entrepreneurship
- Express yourself (SWOT analysis, SMART metod)
- Creative thinking
- Be active

During the session we had classes in IA, IB, IIC, IIA, IIB. All the students were very interested in the presentations and videos that we had shown to them about all the mentioned issues. They were very active during the workshop hours and gave us new ideas and personal opinions about their own vision to these points.

We found that SWOT analysis and SMART metod were very useful for their individual development and their school knowledge. All of them tried to express their point of view and they made constructive comments while proceeding SWOT. This analysis will help them to achieve their goals in the future and to overcome their weak points. We also played some interesting games during the session to make the atmosphere in the class more friendly and warm. We fund out that their English language level is very good that helped us to understand each other and communicate easily what is one of the most important factor.

This workshop will help them to make the right choices after the graduation. Some of them are already interested in joining AIESEC and being active students who want to participate in many other activities and extend their possibilities after graduation.

We tried to show them the culture and traditions of our countries and to answer their questions. Hope that our experience will have a positive effect on the students and they have got some usueful information and advices which will help them to realize the importance of creative thinking and to reach their personal goals.

We want to THANK the school for such a great possibility to participate in workshops and to get our own unforgetable experience.

Best regards,
Alessandra and Alina